Fleetrite: About Us
Fleetrite: About Us

For more than fifty years, Fleetrite has owed its success to knowing one important thing: You.

We know that when your business is on the line, you need what's best, which means using high quality parts, without the high end price.

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Fleetrite: About Us
Fleetrite: About Us

What we canĀ 
Save You

Fleetrite offers high quality parts at a competitive price, which are all backed by a one-year service parts warranty.

Prices may vary. Visit your local International or IC Bus dealer for further details

Greater Uptime Means
Fleetrite First.

Your team depends on you to keep operations running smoothly, which translates to trucks that keep moving. Fleetrite helps make this possible by making products that are not only backed 100% by trusted engineers but also by drivers all across North America.


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