Replacement Parts For All Truck and Bus Manufacturers 

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Spicer Part Number Fleetrite Part Number
5-103X FLT103Q
5-153X FLT15153X
5-155X FLT15155X
5-160X FLT15160X
5-170X FLT15170X
5-178X FLT15178X
5-188X FLT15188X
5-279X FLT15279X
5-280X FLT15280X
5-281X FLT15281X
5-407X FLT15407X
5-674X FLT15674X
5-675X FLT15675X
5-676X FLT15676X
5-677X FLT15677X
5-7000X FLT70
5-7000X FLT7000Q

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