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Shell Part Number Fleetrite Part Number
50004741B FLT15W40B
550019905Q FLTL15W40Q
550019913G FLTL15W40G
550019916P FLTL15W40P
550019917D FLTL10W30D
550019918D FLTL15W40D
550019920G FLTL10W30G
550022381D FLTUELCCD
550022382D FLTUELC5050D
550022425P FLTL80W90P
550022521D FLTRELCCD
550022522D FLTRELC5050D
550022525D FLTGCONV5050D
550024730G FLTUELCCG
550026252G FLTUELC5050G
550026694P FLTLHFM32P
550026896 FLTSAE50P
550026907 FLTSAE50D
550026919D FLTLATFMD3D
550026939 FLTW80W140P
550026940 FLTW80W140D
550027558T FLTLMEP2T
550027616G FLTPSCACG
550027617G FLTPSCA5050G
550027618D FLTPSCACD
550027619D FLTPSCA5050D
550027637D FLTLMEP2K
550027653Q FLTLATFMD3Q
550032647 FLTATF295P
550032968 FLTATF295D
550033054 FLTATF295G
5921235203P FLTL85W140P
9401000055D FLTGCONVCD
9401006021G FLTGCONVCG
9404106021G FLTRELCCG
9404206021G FLTRELC5050G
9406706021G FLTGCONV5050G

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