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Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Part Number Fleetrite Part Number
11-450-45A FLT89074A
11-450-45A FLT89
11AS-400-45A FLT89782A
11AS-400-45A FLT89
11S-400-45A FLT89780A
11S-400-45A FLT89
11S-500-45A FLT89781A
11S-500-45A FLT89
12-400A FLT891
12-400A FLT89106A
12-400A FLT89
12-410A FLT891
12-410A FLT89105A
12-410A FLT89
12-500A FLT891
12-500A FLT89108A
12-500A FLT89
12-500FA FLT891
12-500FA FLT89107A
12-500FA FLT89
12-510A FLT89784A
12-510A FLT89
12B-400FA FLT891
12B-400FA FLT89116A
12B-400FA FLT89
12B-500FA FLT891
12B-500FA FLT89117A
12B-500FA FLT89
1-401-36CP FLT89
1-401-36CP FLT89044C
16-350-10M FLT89643K
16-350-10M FLT89
16-350M FLT89713K
16-350M FLT89
16-400-10M FLT89644K
16-400-10M FLT89
16-400-10S FLT89624K
16-400-10S FLT89
16-400M FLT89714K
16-400M FLT89
16-400S FLT89723K
16-400S FLT89
16-500-10M FLT89645K
16-500-10M FLT89
16-500-10S FLT89625K
16-500-10S FLT89
16-500M FLT89715K
16-500M FLT89
16-500S FLT89724K
16-500S FLT89
17B-400-18 FLT89606K
17B-400-18 FLT89
17B-400-18SS FLT89727K
17B-400-18SS FLT89
17B-400-24 FLT89607K
17B-400-24 FLT89
17B-400-24SS FLT89728K
17B-400-24SS FLT89
17B-500-18 FLT89609K
17B-500-18 FLT89
17B-500-18SS FLT89731K
17B-500-18SS FLT89
17B-500-24SS FLT89732K
17B-500-24SS FLT89
19-400Z FLT89
19-400Z FLT89558K
19-500Z FLT89
19-500Z FLT89559K
2-500-60CP FLT89
2-500-60CP FLT89019C
26-400A FLT899
26-400A FLT89964K
26-400A FLT89
26-506A FLT89967K
26-506A FLT899
26-506A FLT89
30-500A FLT891
30-500A FLT89167A
30-500A FLT89
31015 FLT86139M
31022 FLT86108M
31023 FLT86102M
31045 FLT86535M
31096 FLT86127M
31142 FLT86536M
31165 FLT86130M
31214 FLT86537M
31226 FLT86185M
31227 FLT86512M
31514 FLT86514M
31S-400A FLT891
31S-400A FLT89162A
31S-400A FLT89
31S-500A FLT891
31S-500A FLT89163A
31S-500A FLT89
3-400-24A FLT89
3-400-24A FLT89055A
3-400-24CP FLT89
3-400-24CP FLT89055C
3-400-36A FLT89
3-400-36A FLT89056A
3-400-36CP FLT89
3-400-36CP FLT89056C
3-400-48CP FLT89
3-400-48CP FLT89057C
3-400-72CP FLT899
3-400-72CP FLT89
3-400-72CP FLT89985C
3-401-48CP FLT89
3-401-48CP FLT89045C
3-500-24CP FLT89
3-500-24CP FLT89058C
3-500-36CP FLT89
3-500-36CP FLT89059C
3-500-48CP FLT89
3-500-48CP FLT89060C
3-501-36A FLT89
3-501-36A FLT89047A
3-501-36CP FLT89
3-501-36CP FLT89047C
9-400 FLT89440A
9-400 FLT89
9-500 FLT89
9-500 FLT89450A

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