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Fleetguard Part Number Fleetrite Part Number
AF25305 FLTC25305VL
AF26235 FLTC26235FL
AF26405 FLTC26405VL
AF26418 FLTC26418STL
AF26427 FLTC26427FL
AF26428 FLTC26428FL
AF26429 FLTC26429FL
AF26430 FLTC26430IN
AF26435 FLTC26435VL
AF26447 FLTC26447KW
AF26448 FLTC26448WST
AF26449 FLTC26449PET
AF26462 FLTC26462SPR
AF26469 FLTC26469VL
AF26471 FLTC26471FL
AF4608 FLTC4608VL
AF55701 FLTC55701MK
AF55704 FLTC55704IN
AF55777 FLTC25697FLB

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