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Euclid Part Number Fleetrite Part Number
E-11394B FLTKP4610
E-11808C FLTKP4614
E-4450B FLTKP4559
E-4458B FLTKP4558
E-4458C FLTKP4568
E-4460B FLTKP4495
E-4467B FLTKP4508
E-4468B FLTKP4555
E-4599B FLTKP4514
E-4611 FLTTR187R
E4614 FLTTR423L
E-4693B FLTKP4517
E-4694C FLTKP4564
E-4695C FLTKP4566
E-4696C FLTKP4572
E5615 FLTTR423R
E-6194C FLTKP4574
E-6199C FLTKP4570
E-6868B FLTKP4567
E-6875C FLTKP5453

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